The designer Chiara Perrot was born in Naples in 1980. Graduated in Architecture from the University of the study of Naples II, has attended several courses in fashion design and modelling by broadening his artistic training/professional at the Institute IED Moda Lab in Rome.

These years define her experience and her style. Structural composition, colors matches and materials testing are the basis of her work.


Passion for fashion and desire to undertake a personal path take shape in the foundation of its brand CHIARAPERROT in 2012; producing strictly handmade that are trait d’union between tradition and contemporary.


The image is rigorous, clean, made up of geometric models and linear. Her distinctive features are minimalism, simple lines, built volumes that she loves enrich with precious details and working.


The idea is to create basic items with youthful taste and trendy where simplicity and clean lines are matched by the use of sophisticated fabrics and textural effects. The brand builds its strong point exclusively on Made in Italy. Inspired by fashion street-wear the style is interpreted in a bon-ton way, creating sporty-chic garments without forget current trends.